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Many parents don't know how to teach reading but believe that being a great reader helps children do their best in school. At Phonogram University, we can help your child become a great reader and do their very best in school through our tutoring services.

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Teacher, Parent, Tutor


Explicit phonics, spelling rules, and plenty of reading.

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Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential with Expert Tutoring

As a former first-grade teacher and an experienced parent who successfully taught all three of my children to read, I have a proven track record in teaching reading. My unique approach has also helped numerous other children achieve reading success.

Here’s what makes my tutoring effective:

  • Comprehensive Phonogram Instruction: I teach 70 phonograms and 108 associated sounds. Mastery of these elements enables children to decode and read most words with confidence and ease.

  • Focused Reading Strategies: My methods help children understand the building blocks of words, enhancing their ability to read and comprehend text effectively.

  • Personalized and Rewarding Sessions: I am passionate about tutoring and take great joy in watching children improve through dedication and hard work. Each child’s progress is my priority, and I tailor my approach to meet their individual needs.

Empower your child with the skills they need to become a proficient reader. Explore the detailed breakdown of the phonograms on this site and discover how my tutoring can make a difference.

Contact me today to begin your child’s journey to reading success!

Specialization with Students Who Love Sports

I enjoy tutoring all students, but I’ve been a sports nut my entire life. While I’m very effective with all students because of what I’ve listed above, my specialty is definitely with students who also love sports and competition. Below I’ve listed some reasons why.


Use student's experience with sports practice to explain reading practice.


Use competition to motivate, especially timed tests against previous attempts.


I tell sports stories and encourage students to talk about their experiences.

reading Choices

Find books about sports to share with the student, focusing on their favorite sport(s).

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