Teach Your Child To Be A Great Reader!

Phonogram University gives you the tools to succeed!

Many parents don't know how to teach reading but believe that being a great reader helps children do their best in school. At Phonogram University, you are provided explicit tools to help you help your child become a great reader and do their very best in school.

Not Reading Well is Scary

Below are just some of the consequences of children not reading well.

Academic Struggles:

Poor reading skills can hinder your child's ability to comprehend textbooks, instructions, and assignments across all subjects, leading to lower academic performance overall.

Low self-esteem:

Struggling with reading can negatively impact a your child's self-confidence and self-image, leading to feeling of inadequacy or inferiority compared to their peers.

Social challenges:

Reading difficulties can affect your child's communication skills and make it harder for them to engage in conversations or participate in group activities, potentially leading to social isolation or difficulties in forming friendships.

Long-term consequences:

Poor reading skills in childhood can have long-lasting effects, impacting future educational and career opportunities, as well as overall quality of life.

Why Should I Teach My Child to Read at Phonogram University?

Scientific Method of Teaching

Bonding Time

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Educational Empowerment

You CAN Teach Your Child to Read!!

I know what it is like to be unsure of how to teach my child to read. I was a first-grade teacher while teaching my first child and was clueless how to do it until I discovered the phonograms! I, too, was worried about her academics and knew I had to help her become a great reader. There are specific explicit steps you can take to teach your child to read and I would love to help you get started.

See what some of the parents I’ve worked with have to say below.

My daughter just finished her 6th class and two nights ago she started to read. I was in tears. It was like magic. Just like that! From one day to the next! It’s impossible to explain!!! You just have to trust the process as well as Mr. B!
C. Vela
Parent of Third-Grader
I haven’t known how to help my kids with reading and this course is giving me skills for teaching them. My 5 year old is building his reading confidence and has been taking more risks with reading more challenging material.
child, book, boy-316510.jpg
A. Lee
Parent of five-year-old
After reviewing the phonograms and learning the new phonograms, he has been reading every night and is much more confident. He knows he has the tools to sound out words and needs less help with his reading. He is on to chapter books and is so proud of himself.
read, book, boy-316508.jpg
R. Bise
Parent of Second-Grader
I was eager to pass along my love for reading to my son. The program gave us all the right tools to make the experience of teaching him to read joyful for me, and more importantly, easy and fun for him. We plan to use the program again soon with our second child!
E. Fenton
Parent of four-year-old

Here's HOW to Teach Your Child to Read

1. Teach Phonograms & Spelling Rules

There are 70 phonograms with 104 associated sounds and 17 spelling rules. Your child learns them over the course of 18 phonogram lessons.

2. Have Your Child Start Blending

After only the 2nd lesson (eight phonograms) have your child start blending the phonograms to read words.

3. Read and Read and Read...

It is very difficult for your child and for you in the very beginning. But with continued practice you will be amazed by your child's progress!

If You Are Ready to Go...

This free course introduces you to the phonograms and starts your child on their reading journey. These seven lessons cover the alphabet phonograms. After completing these lessons you will know the power of the phonograms and you will be motivated to continue!

The Udemy course includes all 70 phonograms. The course includes 18 phonograms lessons and assorted other lessons that allow you to teach your child to read very effectively.  It is continually being updated to improve the process of teaching your child to read.

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